Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Last Geek Standing: Ultimate Film Fanatic

I was recently on a movie-trivia game show called the Ultimate Film Fanatic. It airs on Friday nights on the Independant Film Channel (check your local listings for times). A serendipitous combination of luck and just being a big old pathetic geek led me to that rarest of rarities: an actual financial reward for rampant dorkiness.

Because I'm nowhere near the opportunist that I should be, this here story is nowhere near timely. My big show (Ultimate Film Fanatic Northwest finals) aired on January 23, and I'll be making one last hurrah on the show this Friday, February 25 (I think). More than that I cannot say. Game show regulations prohibit me from elaborating until after the air date. But I'm itching to give you, dear reader, all of the scoop that is legally permissible. Stay tuned...

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