Friday, July 22, 2005

Linkapalooza!!! Summer division

When in doubt, link it out.

Enclosed please find links to a few of the nifty sites and blogs amiably cluttering my computer.

The Frantic Flicker touts itself as "the movie magazine that isn't". Sitemeister Eric Henderson takes a one-joke premise (you'll understand when you go to the archives and start reading the stories) and drapes some extremely witty fiction over the framework. Even if you're not a big ol' movie geek, you'll chuckle. A lot. Email him and pester him to write some more.

If you ARE a big ol' movie geek, on the other claw, get thee to post-haste. Even in a world full of great websites devoted to cult filmmakers, Patty Breen's online homage to the director of such Drive-In classics as Grizzly and The Manitou stands out.'s exhaustively detailed interviews, appealing and professional layout, and funny yet lovingly affectionate tone just might make this site the Citizen Kane of online cult director tributes.

Some movie-lovin' sites don't need much more than text and, most importantly, a fertile mind behind said scrawl. Freelance author and budding screenwriter Vince Keenan's website covers pop culture with directness and wit befitting a student and practitioner of no-bull noir fiction.

Ever sat up late at night, wondering, "Does Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Mr. Spock, eat enough salsa?" Well, you're not the only one, as evinced by this fine site sponsored by the Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation. Lest you think this site is all useless silliness, there are some damn fine salsa recipes...

Speaking of useless and silly... Loads of internet scamps and pranksters take pokes at the Paris Hiltons and Tom Cruises of the world, but The Gallery of the Absurd gives all of that gossip hilarious life with some mercilessly funny caricature and commentary (the Star Jones cartoon alone merits canonization). Why semi-anonymous artist 14 hasn't been tracked down to do her own animated series is beyond me.

More illustrated fun can be found at the website of artist Kipling West, a Seattle ex-pat now residing in the snowy wilds of Canada. Imagine Tim Burton, Max Fleischer, and Maurice Sendak, genetically fused into one artist and you're about there. She illustrates everything from kids' books to Ouija boards, and it's all really cool.

If you're a movie geek and dig some cool illustrations, Tom Bagley's work scratches both itches nicely, flying the Freak Flag of Allegiance to the holy trinity of Sex, Horror, and Rock and Roll with goggle-eyed humor. He's done CD packaging for punk, surf, and pop outfits of all stripes, and in true Renaissance Guy fashion also fronts garage-rock Neanderthals Forbidden Dimension.

And finally, when you've satisfied your jones for knuckle-dragging garage grind and are looking for something, um, gentler, there's Wing. How many singers can you think of who've gigged at rest homes and been immortalized on South Park (in Episode 903, to be exact)? I love this woman.

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