Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Um, yeah...go Seahawks, I guess.

I'm a traitor to my gender. Or at least a traitor to my hometown, maybe.

The beleaguered Seattle Seahawks have finally fought their way to the Super Bowl after nearly four decades of mediocre showings, and all of a sudden, even locals who don't know pigskin from pomegranates are dancing in the streets like Pee Wee Herman on crystal meth. Me, I don't really care.

Mind you, I hold no ill will whatsoever for the legions of fans who'll be crowding living rooms and sports bars to watch the big game. Nor do I wish anything less than the best for this buncha Northwest gridiron underdogs as they slug it out with the Pittsburg Steelers on Sunday. And my dear old Dad--a hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool sports freak if ever there was one--will have even more of an excuse to meld gleefully with the easy chair Howard-Hughes-style while radio and TV Bowl coverage bombards him, which makes me happy for him.

But truth be told, I'm just not a football fan. As a spectator sport it lacks soccer or basketball's frenetic pace. And baseball has it beat to hell in the historic-weight-as-an-institution department. Them's just my opinions.

The expensive and ballyhooed Super Bowl commercials previewing on news outlets hold a bit more interest for me; gotta admit that the Diddy/Jay Mohr Diet Pepsi spot gave me a chuckle. It'll never make me buy a Diet Pepsi (and I can't wrap my head around the disproportionate amount of money and creativity funneled into said spot), but I did laugh.

So, no, I probably won't be watching the game, or placing any bets. Now the Oscars...THAT'S a different story.

Yes, I am a candy-ass. Sorry, Dad.


JennyB. said...

LOL!...well, I'll be yelling and screaming enough for both of us. :o) I'll be at my sister's house hanging with my siblings and their partners and some friends to cheer the boys on.
I will admit to being a fair weather fan. I didn't watch a single game until the NFC Championship. Mostly I'm excited that former quarterback Jim Zorn is part of the coaching staff...I'm a Seahawks fan from the 80s, before Steve Largent showed his political colors.
So yeah. Go Seahawks. I'll be stuffing myself with chili and hot wings and praying for a victory on Sunday. ;o)

Vince said...

How can you speak such blasphemy, Tony, when even Speight Jenkins is getting in on the act?

JennyB. said...

Okay, I'm amused. You know it's a big deal when the opera guys are making bets on a sporting event. *g*