Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Been Tagged: Eight Things About Me

A friend of mine 'tagged' me with an Electronic Chain Letter Exhortation to relate eight things about myself, and then pass this mofo along to eight more Bloggers. Screw the eight bloggers part: the only Bloggers I know well enough to inflict this crap number fewer than eight.

But I'm a good prole and will bend to the whims of peer pressure like any arrested adolescent worth his salt. Besides, I know that if I don't respond at all then The Chain Letter Curse is visited 'pon me. Plus there's a Scooby Doo reference here, which ties in (however tenuously) to the Pop Culture leanings of this Blog.

So here goes. Apologies to my fellow Bloggers/Webmasters/Friends, but tag...You're IT!!

(More Than) Eight Things about Me--For I, too am a contrarian, Kipling West...

1) I'm pretty disorganized, except for how I eat dinner. Side dish, vegetable, main course. Consumed in the most regimented pattern possible. Don't ask me how this started.

2) Been with the same girl since I graduated high school. And if you ask me how long that's been, I'll gladly tell you...before I kill you.

3) I must eat with a small spoon. Big spoons are for sissies who don't eat normal.

4) Was an altar boy from ages 11 to 12.

5) I was in the Cub Scouts for about six months before I got tired of it (circa age 10). During that time, I won the Cub Scout Halloween Costume contest by dressing in very loud, obnoxious drag. Divine would've blushed and chided my tastelessness. Thanks, Mom.

6) My first girlfriend was in the second grade. Then there was a long, long dry spell. Again, if you ask me how long, in person, I'll gladly tell you before I kill you.

7) My final project for one of my college theater classes was a one-act play called Scooby on a Hot Tin Roof. It was sort of like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, but with trailer trash, cartoon characters and a chainsaw.

8) Had a major lisp until speech therapy beat it out of me in the fourth grade.

9) I've never broken a bone in my life.

10) I'm the only southpaw in an immediate family of righties, and the only Aries in an immediate family of Tauruses (Taurii?).

OK...that didn't hurt too bad.

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