Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Helping Hand to Little Critters in Need

I normally try to keep this Blog focused on all things pop culture, but I'm breaking that unwritten dictum here.

Singly and as a couple, the missus and I have had pet rats for over twenty years. They're smart, sweet, all-around terrific companions (see archival entry from this here Blog for more details).

We adopted three new babies recently (as chronicled on Rita's Atomic War Bride Blog) from a rat rescue service, and there's been an influx of rescues in recent weeks. A few wastes of human flesh and blood have even thrown some of these innocent creatures, caged, into dumpsters where they were just barely rescued from certain death.

In between the adorable pictures of our new family members on Rita's Blog are links to rat rescue websites in Washington, Canada, and Oregon. If you're willing and able to give one a good home, please consider adopting a rat. They're relatively low maintenance, sweet-tempered, smart, and well worth the attention. And if you need any advice on feeding and care, well, you know where to find me.

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