Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not-Snow Day! Snow Day!

Every year, our local news media turn into a bunch of yabbering ninnies the instant the temperature drops anywhere near freezing. "STORMWATCH 2008!" they were screaming on Monday, when the temperature was in the low 30's, the weather was clear, and the downtown roads perfectly navigable.

I happened to have a camera, so I snapped a few pictures during my lunch break. Love's Forever Changes danced in my ears (there's your obligatory pop-culture reference, however obscure, friends) as I walked and snapped photos.

The area around my work has been transforming at an insane rate, but amidst all of the toney shops and shinily anonymous buildings sits the frequent highlight of my semi-daily, sanity-preserving walks--St. Spiridon's Greek Orthodox Church. It's an austere and beautiful building, and a bastion of the organic and the spiritual in an area rapidly losing its human face. I'm not religious, but the presence of this church (which, incidentally, I've never entered) consoles me that 'progress' and 'urban upgrade' haven't entirely anesthetized the 'hood's soul.

But the weather can change on a dime here in Seattle. And today Mother Nature gave the local news jabberjaws plenty to clack on about. All of Washington state is under a blanket of snow today. The daily routine of this entire state has ground to a halt, and I could care less. It's breathtaking.

So this morning, I went out with my beat-up Pentax Optio and snapped some shots of our house and environs, in the embryonic stages of Winter Wonderland status.

It's an honest-to-God blizzard now. Really. Another trek out, camera in tow, may be in order later.

If you like seeing all this, you should definitely take a look at Rita's Blog, Atomic War Bride. She's a much more adroit shutterbug than yours truly, and has taken some terrific pictures of the snow, and of the world's greatest dog (that'd be, um, our dog, Disco). The first picture of our noble beast on this entry is probably the most beautiful that anyone's ever snapped of her. Kudos, Wife.

And keep warm, all.


Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

your photos are beautiful! Feel free to pass some snow down our way-it would be an unusual treat!

Tony Kay said...

Thanks for peeking in, and for the compliments! Sadly, the roads are partially thawed, so the main drag in our 'hood is starting to look like a mud-flavored Slurpee. So now it's cold, hazardous...And ugly:(...