Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30-Day Song Challenge, Day 20 - A Song that you Listen to when you’re Angry

So what do I listen to when I'm angry? Well, why am I angry? And what am I hoping to accomplish in listening to music?
Well, I'll tackle a couple of these possibilities. What the hell, it's only sleep.

Maybe I'm just flat-out pissed at someone or something and need something loud and cathartic. If that's the catalyst, then I pick "Jake Leg," a track by Baroness, an amazing metal band that flat out blew the top of my head off at Bumbershoot 2010. It's loud enough to satisfy the head-banging, but brimming with hooks--like Zeppelin and Dick Dale in a caravan, on amphetamines, with a pack of marauding cossacks hot at their heels. Bonus points to the guy who put this video together with clips from War of the Gargantuas and Frankenstein meets the Space Monster.

Am I looking at submerging into something immersive and escapist that's gonna whisk me away from anger-inducing/mundane reality? Then I'd program in the first three tracks from The Dandy Warhols' 13 Tales from Urban Bohemia (one of which is this, "Godless"). Guaranteed to whisk me off to someplace exotic, dangerous and sexy; even if I'm commuting or scrubbing a toilet. Seriously.

Now, if I want to remove myself from the angry with something happy there's plenty of places to go, happily. Right this instant, if I was fuming and wanted something that'd get my tootsies to a' tapping and the fun to start a' kicking in, I'd throw on this song in a New York minute. And I'd stop being angry, right quick.

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