Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random Plugs and Frippery

So what, might you ask, have I been doing lately, besides--y'know--working and sporadically microscoping the Petri Dish? Lotsa stuff.

Natch, there's the whole working thing. Seattle Opera opened The Marriage of Figaro this evening, and it looks like a hit, so I'll be a busy man for the next few weeks. But not entirely to the exclusion of creative fun and pop culture imbibement, thank God.

The Petri Dish entry from last October about walking my workplace neighborhood (replete with photos) inspired me to actually do a Blurb book collecting several of my photos. Blurb's incredibly easy and fun to use, a user-friendly bit of layout software that even a thick-neck like me can use with ease. I'm pretty pleased with the resulting tome. Feel free to go here and take a look (you can even preview some of the finished product).

I'm also experimenting with writing (shudder!) fiction and free verse on a new WordPress blog. It's over here if'n you'd likewise like to take a peek. It's been a long time since I've actually cut loose with something like this, and I have to admit it's fun as hell.

Don't worry: There's still more ramblings on Pop Culture on the way. But now you know where (else) I am. Sorry I've been such a stranger.

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