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Who Watches the Watchmen? Me...

...Soon, at least. I fully intend to see Watchmen , Hollywood's latest attempt to capture comic-book lightning in a bottle, despite the disparate opinions it's generated (a Dark Knight -style critical and financial slamdunk it ain't ). I'm fresh off of reading the original graphic novel, and my curiosity has the open-minded better of me. For those of you who actually possess, you know, lives and don't know the comic's/film's basic premise, Watchmen follows the multi-layered saga of an estranged superhero team, in the wake of the murder of one of their number (a thug of a crimefighter named The Comedian). Some of The Comedian's former compatriots attempt to solve the mystery; others attempt to live normal lives in the wake of public outcry against them; all of them are pretty messed-up pieces of work, thrown into machinations much more complex and frightening than solving the murder of one slain 'Good Guy'. Dave Gibbons' art undeniably ge